Welcome to Chatuchak Thai Tea, the home of well-loved Thai specialty beverages and desserts. Our philosophy is simple - to bring the best of Thai desserts and beverages to our customers. Our founder Angie learnt the art of brewing Thai tea from a local Thailand tea master, and imports the tea leaves and ingredients used in our tea-infused menu items direct from Thailand. Using a trusted recipe from renowned local tea masters, her vision is to offer customers the most authentic Thai milk tea, coffee and yogurt drinks.

Tailoring the menu for health-conscious Singaporeans, our drinks are less sweet without losing the creamy, milky flavour that gives Thai milk tea its signature aroma and taste. Besides Thai milk tea, you can also find the popular dessert Egglet Ice Cream on our menu. A fan of egglet herself, the local market's dearth of quality yet affordable egglets made Angie determined to bring this yummy snack to her customers in a comfortable, cosy café environment. After tireless experimentation, she finally perfected her recipe to yield a crisp outer layer and fluffy soft inside. Prepared only upon order, all egglets are served fresh and piping hot. Pair it with a delicious scoop of our signature Thai Milk Tea ice cream (or other tempting flavours) for a relaxing tea time amidst the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.