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Thai Tea Beverages

Don't miss our best-sellling Thai milk tea and green milk tea! Lady boss Angie has painstakingly worked out the ideal balance of milk and sugar in her recipe, so you can enjoy the full-bodied taste of Thai milk tea, without the cloying sweetness. For those who prefer your drinks warm, we've catered our menu for you too ;)

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Thai Yoghurt Beverages

Quench your thirst with our yoghurt drinks and be instantaneously transported to one of Bangkok's breezy beaches - just kidding, but you'll come close! So give in to the lure of the summer with any of our four refreshing tropical flavours - blue coral, green apple, kiwi and mango.

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Chatuchak Egglet

Our signature egglet is everything you'd expect good egglets to be - each bite is moist, flavourful and crisp at once, when enjoyed piping hot (as it should be). So delectably shiok that we won't blame you for gobbling it up plain, though we highly recommened the egglet + ice cream combo, for a signature Chatuchak experience.

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Ice Cream

Available in five yummy flavours, enjoy our ice cream in a cup or cone, or as a delightful addition to our crisp-outside, moist-inside egglets for the perfect chilled treat!

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